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Packaging Design Jobs For Graphic Designers

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Packaging design firms are visionary experts that combine graphics, typography, and images to market and sell products and services. If you are an accomplished graphic designer, consider working in a packaging design firm as they create innovative branding and marketing solutions for their clients in many industries. 

Booth Designs

Packaging designers create client packaging and signage, as well as booth designs, to instantly communicate with potential clients and customers. They use simple, bold text and corresponding graphics for marketing. Here are a few concepts for booth designs that packaging designers employ to effectively introduce and sell a client's products and services:

  • Concept Message - A packaging designer isolates their client's identity, brand, and most essential concept message and displays it prominently to immediately catch the attention of potential clients and customers. This identifying concept message should differentiate their client from competitors and intrigue and seduce potential customers into taking a closer look. This should happen within two to three seconds of a potential client or customer encountering the booth. Effective signage is key, so the type used must be simple, bold and direct. Strategic incorporation of a client's identifying logo design is also essential in identity and branding.  
  • Traffic Flow and Booth Layout - The packaging designer positions the booth's entrance and exit to mimic the main flow and direction of potential clients and customers as they walk down the central aisle of an exhibition or trade show and encounter the booth. This booth entrance must be large, welcoming and well lit. There should be a place within the booth where booth personnel can be contacted directly. Signage should cover the walls, but not overpower a client's brand identity and major concept message. If possible, a table and chairs can be set up in a quiet area near booth personnel to encourage in-depth conversation with potential clients and customers. 
  • Marketing Materials - Brand identity is most important in marketing materials offered. All of the typefaces, designs, and colors on the booth and marketing materials should coordinate so that the potential client or customer knows the booth's identity, products, and services being offered. Brochures and business cards should be offered along with collateral marketing materials. If digital marketing is offered, computer display screens should be visible and easily accessible by customers to watch promotional videos as they are displayed. If products are offered they should be conveniently and securely displayed in glass cases and shelves. Sample products can also be displayed on a table for customers to pickup and touch. A client and customer registration book should be located within the booth to gather names and contact information for future marketing and sales leads.  

If you love cutting-edge graphic design and marketing, consider working for a packaging design firm (such as to effectively market clients' products and services in multiple disciplines. It is an exciting job that changes and grows continually with the latest trends and fashions of other industries. This could a very fulfilling career for many years to come.